Friday, December 25, 2009

N D Tiwari Caught in Bed with 3 Naked Girls

Senior Kaangress partyman N D Tiwari has been caught with his pants down, doing to 3 young girls what his party has long been doing to the country:

Maybe he can claim he was trying to do a "Gandhi" and test himself by sleeping next to young naked women. Apparently, one or more of Tiwari's girls is pregnant. It's too bad India doesn't have the equivalent of a Maury Povitch show.


nizhal yoddha said...

well, can't say as i blame randy old goat tiwari. whenever i have gone to hyderabad, i have been impressed by how hot the local lasses are :-)

but i would be most startled if these 3 have been impregnated by tiwari. the guy is about 85, a faithful retainer of the First Prime Minister (TM).

if he got them pregnant, i am most impressed. most probably, it was his chauffeur or somebody who did the impregnation.

also, this is even more impressive than the pakistani mullah known as mullah sandwich, who was found between two prostitutes, one male and one female. apparently he was coming and going at the same time.

Sameer said...

Could it be a deviation (Gandhian way :P ) from the Telangana issue which is burning the region??

nizhal yoddha said...

will somebody who speaks telugu give us a brief summary of what the video is saying? all i got was something about one radhika who was massaging more than tiwari's ego in the raj bhavan :-)

what a good looking young woman forced to minister to this old guy!

reminds me of the beateous abishag the shunammite from the bible, forced to minister to the old and decrepit king david.

also of the eagles' 'you can't hide your lyin' eyes' -- "rich old man, she won't have to worry" "it breaks her heart her love is only for a man with hands as cold as ice" (paraphrase)

san said...

Let's see how Sonia and her high partymen manage to wriggle out of this one. They will probably allow pro-Telangana rioters to run amok, to the point of allowing the centre to declare President's Rule. The party high command will give Tiwari a token slap on the wrist and retire him to the backroom for awhile (where he will get some R&R with the help of some young girls.) The Kaangress is increasingly forced to juggle more balls at an ever more frenetic pace - it's inevitable that their juggling act will suffer a catastrophe.

Are we heading for another 1975 Emergency? I, for one, think Sonia and her coterie are perfectly capable of stooping to this.

Shankar said...

.. Radhika, who had a long relationship with Tiwari, wanted mining licences in Cuddapa distt. But OSD Arvind Sharma demanded money and it was duly paid. The deal did not work but Arvind Sharma refused to return the money. He wanted girls to be provided before returning the money. He wanted girls from Andhra Pradesh Bhavan in Delhi to be brought. Radhika helped with this.

Everytime she came to
Hyderabad, Radhika stayed at Raj Bhavan. She had such intimacy with Tiwari. On one visit some of the girls in the Raj Bhavan told her about sexual harassment and blackmail by Tiwari and Arvind Sharma. Radhika got the girls out of Raj Bhavan with photo and videographic evidence.

Raj Bhavan has been converted into a brothel house. Two women are needed each night and one in the afternoon. Morning massage exclusively by women. Many ruling party leaders are also involved and the girls will be able to identify them if they are paraded. (.... that will be some sight!)

Arvind Sharma threatened the girls after knowing that they had evidence of sexual affairs. So to preempt this threat, Radhika decided to make it public.

((song goes - what a playboy, u r ....))

Sujeev said...

As far as I can make out from the report, this is what happened:

A lady named Radhika wanted to get some mine leases in Andhra. So she paid a lot of money to a dude named Arvind Sharma, perhaps someone in the Governor's office. When she didn't get those leases, she wanted her money back. Sharma is supposed to have promised to give her money back if she could send some young women to work at the Raj Bhavan, which she did. Every time this Radhika came to Hyderabad she would stay at the Raj Bhavan. On one of the visits the girls she'd placed there complained about being exploited sexually. She advised them to record their activities before leaving with her on one of her later visits. I guess once she had the compromising footage with her, Radhika let Arvind Sharma know about it, after which he threatened to have her bumped off. She felt the best way to protect herself was to release the footage to the press, which she did. Radhika claims that in addition to Tiwari and Raj Bhavan staff, even some Congress MPs had used the services of the girls, and that the girls would be able to pick them out of a lineup. The song playing in the background is from an old (late 70s?) Telugu movie, admiring the sexual prowess of a Lothario......

Raghu said...


Here is the translation of the video..

Radhika was not actualling involved in the 'massage'.

Radhika knows Tiwari from Delhi. When Tiwari moved to Hyd, she wanted some mining rights in Cuddapah. Tiwari and 'Officer on Special Duty' Arvind Sharma demanded gratuity for the mining rights, but never actually delivered anything to her. When Radhika demanded the money back, Arvind suggested that she supply girls to Raj Bhavan to get it. So, girls from AP Bhavan in Delhi were transferred to Hyd. On her visits to Raj Bhavan, she learned from the girls how Tiwari, Arvind and other staff were sexually assaulting her. Radhika is saying that Raj Bhavan has become a brothel. The victims also said that some congress MPs were also 'using' them. Unable to bear it anymore, the victims sought Radhika's help in getting out of Raj Bhavan.. Knowing that the girls have photos and videos to prove all this, Arvind started making them death threats. Fearing for life, they decided to put this all in public.

estheppan said...

Maybe premature to conclude anything yet. The photos shown in the video clipping is inconclusive. grainy. could also be digitally created/edited.

Moreover, Raj Bhavan is a place under constant monitoring. If anything like this happened on regular basis, it would have become public knowledge long back.

abhilash said...

Interesting - our ever alert TV harridan was strangely shy about airing any news on Headley, saying sex scandals of celebrities should not be aired.. They did not have problems discussing Tiger Woods though. How interesting. Some say, Headley had a paramour in Indian News anchors. May be they are worried that their own tapes with Headley would suddenly appear on You Tube :)

Shankar said...

Recent amendments to the IT Act 2000, that came into effect on October 27, empowers the government to ask websites such as YouTube to remove any content deemed unlawful. The ambit of the law is wide and the incriminating pictures of Tiwari can be considered unlawful under several sections of the Act, lawyers say.