Sunday, December 20, 2009

india and headley: what comes of being a soft state, by b raman

dec 20th, 2009

raman lays out an interesting possibility: that the victims of official incompetence should sue the government.

perhaps the fact that tort law is a big deal in america forces the government to act there; here they will just brush off the fact that they have caused grievous damage to citizens through negligence, incompetence, or malice.


Anirban said...

Although Mr Raman is giving such good suggestions - nothing of that sort will happen. Already the seculars in the Bollywood-media-mafia-politician nexus is trying to shift the blame to FBI/CIA. It's interesting that the FBI/CIA "double-agent" conspiracy theory was floated by NDTV. By a curious coincidence one lady Rajya Sabha MP who is related to NDTV owners then asked questions in Rajya Sabha why FBI was shielding Headley from India supersleuths..

Bhuvan said...

Forget won't happen in India..torts? Not because of the unscrupulous politicians, but because of the spineless public.

Yes, we the Indian public don't care about torts or filing a PIL or about national security at all..being the selfish mongrels that we are, as long as our livelihoods are secure and we are not personally affected by terrorism, we don't give a s***t about taking the Govt. to task for negligence or incompetence.

Forget it...

Cheers :)