Wednesday, December 23, 2009

chellaney: indian idiocy in chemical weapons: declare puny arsenal, destroy it, while china, pak, US keep quiet

dec 24th, 2009

typical blunder by india. 

one more effect of the politicians' propensity to pontificate, moralize, treat military as some kind of embarrassing thing the cat dragged in, and to do things in haste that the country can regret at leisure -- exactly the same thing was done in the hasty declaration of "no first nuclear strike". or kashmir. or giving up all leverage in tibet. 

meanwhile china has kept very quiet about its own arsenal, which it almost certainly shares with pak.


hokiepride said...

More "Oh noes,India is doomed" whining from Chellaney. Is there ONE thing that this guy is EVER happy about? Besides, if we want chemical weapons we can always manufacture it. No one uses chemical weapons these days, not even the Yanks in Iraq or Af-Pak. With nukes and smart bombs, chemical weapons have outlived their usefulness.

nizhal yoddha said...

i wouldn't be so cavalier about brahma. i know quite a few strategy types including former ambassadors, and i am yet to come across anyone else who has such a clear grasp of what's going on regarding india's national interest. he should be the national security advisor, and he probably will be one of these days.

yeah, you can manufacture chemical weapons, but now that you have signed a treaty, that will invite the wrath of the world. and whose army is going to shield manmohan so that he doesn't cave in, which is his natural instinct anyway. also, don't underestimate chemical weapons. nothing like a chemical bomb to panic a city. just ask tokyo after the sarin gas attack in the subway a few years ago.