Tuesday, December 15, 2009

pak tells US: back off, the haqqanis are *good* taliban

dec 15th, 2009

the siege of kunduz was the first example of pak protecting their strategic assets that they call the taliban. then they airlifted 100s of pak army officers who were supposed taliban, besieged by the northern alliance. the CIA colluded. 

here they are refusing the fight the haqqanis. (very likely obama will back off from confronting the ISI).

a third is the fact that gulbuddin hekmatyar, who got 20% of all the aid given by the CIA in the soviet-era war, is now a major foe of the americans. 

you have to admire the pak capability to have the cake and eat it too.

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Hitanshu said...

Hi Rajeev

What is your opinion on Glen Beck's recent comments on India and Indians.

The whole "you got a bad case of Ganges" thing