Friday, December 18, 2009

headley's girlfriend in mumbai?

dec 19th, 2009

there are rumors that david chapman headley had a TV news anchorwoman in mumbai as his girlfriend.

(beats me what any woman would see in a fat, bald, ugly guy like him, but then jholawali women are known for their fascination for white skin -- headley/gilani is apparently light-skinned -- and for jihadis).

any idea who this anchorwoman might have been? i have my suspicions, but i would like to know if there if any confirmation.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure it is the woman in the video above.

Hindu said...

it only proves that education without Hinduism only produces moronic Indians and makes Indian women cheap..One look at that trash known as bollywood proves that..No wonder Indian women have a very bad rep the world over and Hinduism always gets the blame for even that !