Thursday, December 10, 2009

inflation, what inflation in india? yeah, only 20% for essential food items

source: economist, nov 16th, 2009

dec 10th, 2009

while the govt keeps claiming 1% and below inflation (they must have got somebody like banerjee of sabarmati express 'spontaneous combustion' fame to be their statistician), the real prices people pay for food -- and this hits the famous 'mango man' (aam admi) right in his belly -- has gone up by 20%.

how come the ELM never talks about this?

and for all those talking about industrialization, a full belly is a privilege that increasingly fewer indians have: according to the world food summit, 100 million people joined the ranks of the hungry in 2009. i imagine a large number of them are from india. there are 1 billion hungry people around the world. and in a sharp reversal, hunger has been increasing since 2005. see the chart from the economist

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Anjaneya said...

and its going to get worse, what with the increasingly cheap(worthless) money pushing out the good, hardearned money. Salaries will be unable to keep pace with inflation. This time it will be white collared people joining the ranks of the hungry.