Friday, December 18, 2009

a hilarious look at india from a nigerian paper

dec 18th, 2009

a true-blue commie speaks. 

unintentionally hilarious look at india esp west bengal from nigerian paper. 
 i just love the used toilet tissue story


Non Carborundum said...

God bless this happy idiot.

Ashok Kumar said...

Here is an enlightening take on Calcutta and its development & growth by Theodore Dalrymple.

Theodore Dalrymple hasn't written about the country a great deal, but Dalrymple appears to have made quite a few visits to India. On a recent trip he saw undeniable progress in Calcutta, and writes, in the new edition of the New English Review, of the inevitable nostalgia that even positive change produces:

A difficult lesson to learn and to accept, emotionally if not intellectually, is that there is rarely gain in society entirely without loss. That is surely one of the reasons why nostalgia is so common a response to the passage of time: it is not only lost youth that is regretted, but a lost world, at least in some or other of its aspects.

Complete essay here:

Ashok Kumar said...

Just now saw this reply to Nigerian article on Rajeev's twitter page: says
Commie article says India should emulate the WB model. India lauded as socialist since China cant be praised. Utter BS.

By the way I am on Twitter.