Saturday, December 05, 2009

more on the First State Visit bullshit and obama fak-ap 2.0

dec 5th, 2009

so chidambaram has already put into practice the great breakthrough of the State Visit: india to make 'concessions' on kashmir to keep pakistan happy.

re NPT, i love these self-delusions

first concrete fallout from obama's new fak-ap strategy and State Visit by manmohan: UPA to abandon j&k phase 1. 
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secret manmohan plan to get NPT modified and india grandfathered. ROTFL: when pigs fly, if china has to agree. 
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 moral: US needs pak RT
 new plan for 
 is roughly what the generals ordered 
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Rasik said...

This is eery. Dejavu-. This is very similar to American debate of withdrawal from global wars- Iraq, Afghanistan. Is Kashmir a foreign country and time table is to be discussed. Has Home Minister of India has morphed into shit copy of USA foreign policy? Are these idiots know even difference of premature withdrawal as happened in Bangladesh and Internal security requirements and deployments as necessary? God save India from idiots.