Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How the Chinese bulied Obama in Copenhagen

dec 23rd, 2009

sad how the 'great ditherer' was shown up to be a wimp, and humiliated for good measure. left-liberals and china -- an explosive mixture, which almost always ends up with the 'useful idiots' being taken to the cleaners by the wily chinese.

this is what happens when you appease bullies: they measure you and take full advantage of you. in a way this is a direct consequence of obama kowtowing to strongman wen last month. 

interesting thought: "china doesn't need anything". well, the limeys found out in the 1800s that they could be sold opium. maybe there *is* something china can be persuaded that it needs? 

when will the world learn that china is exactly like nazi germany -- a ruthless imperialist power -- except it's continent-sized, with nobody to contest it? the only possible contender, india, lives in some fool's paradise mouthing platitudes like panchasheela.


Arvind said...

obama deserved what he got at copenhagen. it is fitting it came from china right after obama celebrated the rise of communism there. notice that obama looks up to cuba too but cuba trashed him at copenhagen.

the global warming thing is similar to the claims of an oncoming ice age. for al gore and co., these are tough times because they have invested in carbon permits (notice how they carefully avoid the term permit) which have become worthless as supply exceeds demand. so they need new markets in the form of india and china.

now that copenhagen has failed, let us see if all the ice in the poles melt away by june 2016 (al gore's date) or by january 2016 (gordon brown's date). the global warming cult is just another doomsday cult and has nothing to do with the environment.

Anonymous said...

Putting the entire blame on China, India is convenient.

That is the consistent refrain from western side. Has been for centuries, even when the bloody goras were looting this country.

Now too it is the hideous chinese commies, castist, religion-discriminating indian hindoos and the corrupt saudi fundamentalist mullahs who are working to destroy the secular western governments and mother Nature.

See what the western do-gooder Obama and that 'angel' Merkel have to put up with. The white man's burden.

It adds up to that.

Yet another tactic of western imperialism.

Only that they are facing their mirror image in communist china.

Would have been fun to watch execpt that these predators already have their well laid out plans to gobble up India for themselves before the final encounter with each other.

Anonymous said...

from guardian itself-

nizhal yoddha said...

estheppan, there is some simple logic at work here, namely: to figure out who committed a crime, just look at who benefited.

the crime: the biggest polluters in the world got away scot-free with no binding targets that they can be held to.

who are the biggest polluters in the world?

(drum roll....)

1. china
2. the us

ergo, whose interest was it in to gut the conference? yes, china's and india's.

china convinced india that both were fraternal poor third-world countries that had common interests.

but when it came down to brass tacks, china went over to the side of the other big polluter, america.

stands to reason.

humiliating obama along the way is just a little chinese torture.

btw, monbiot can be expected to toe the chinese line. if i am not mistaken, there have been scandals about his excessive devotion to certain causes (eg. palestinians) which proved to be based on money changing hands. (i recall something along these lines, and i am willing to be corrected by someone with the full facts.) i don't mean to attack the messenger, but the guardian and its stable supporting china is not a surprise. the original article attacking china *was* a surprise.

Anonymous said...

The lining up of China, India and Saudis as responsible for climate talk failure, while painting Obama, Merkel, Rudd and Brown as thorough do-gooders, as done in the article by Lynas is ominous.

That guardian itself is selling conflicting reports merely reinforces the fact that western news mediums are quite 'flexible', as was blatantly obvious at the launch of Afghanistan and Iraq wars, when every news channel parrotted Fox News, toeing US govt line.

Battle lines are getting drawn between the cults of Christian imperialism forged as capitalism by the US, having on its side the ABCE - Australia, Britain, Canada and rest of EU, Communist imperialism by China supported by sidekicks it has developed strategically among developing nations and Wahabbi imperialism by Saudis arabs.

Smaller players like emerging India that has all these three forces attacking the indigenous culture within, are being consumed by these ideologies.

The US, having shaped the marriage between the two imperialistic cults of christianity and capitalism, is currently dominating world thought. So even left-leaning guardian talks its language sometimes.

Chinese meanwhile are subtly working the room, gaining support among the muslim countries apart from other african countries, while keeping neighbour India on tenterhooks. The continued Afghanistan/Iraq wars and increasing disenchantment in muslim world against the invasive consumeristic ideology of US is playing into the hands of the Chinese.
The obvious snub given to Obama is one of the psychological tactics by the chinese in this ongoing conflict.

Russia, bereft of its ideology, keeps a low profile.

Point is that the article by Lynas seems too one-sided and propagandist in nature. Like a fore-runner to what is likely to follow in western media in future.

nizhal yoddha said...

i goofed in my earlier post: i meant to say the biggest suspects are:

china and the US

*not* china and india.

jeez, that gives the whole note a totally different perspective.

anyway, estheppan, the sino-mohammedan axis is well-known. the sino-american axis is now developing, thanks to useful idiots like brzezinski. at the end of the day, the americans will find that china has seduced everybody except the NATO countries + japan + australia. this is part of the relentless game plan of the chinese for world domination.

also, i don't think obama et al were painted as angels; it is clear that the chinese were pulling strings, and that obama fell fell for it (or was prepped for it, manchurian that he is).

i agree with you that none of them is india's friend. india is totally friendless, because it can be bought so cheaply for a few dollars transferred to numbered swiss accounts.

asd123 said...

Don't underestimate the russians now. The russians have been arming china and allies of the SCO. Russia never walked off the world stage, it just has been less pronounced. The Union russian party has been strongly anti-american and pro-US. One of the greatest feats arguably by russia was having the EU drop their guard. The EU is now very friendly with russia and no longer afraid, while russia has been improving and modernizing its weaponry now even with western tech transfers. Central asia is still clearly a russian domain. Georgia as it stands now is a mere ineffectual state south of russia. Russia is now also strategically arming iran and venezuela. The sino-mohammedan axis is superseded by SCO. China is helping Russia obtain allies in Latin America and Africa against NATO. The communists have had to reach out to nationalists, yes against the nato imperialists. Both russia and china are carefully watching the destruction of the US empire, they are now eagerly awaiting for the nation of the US itself to begin to fall apart internally, whether politically or economically.