Thursday, December 10, 2009

why balkanization is a bad idea

dec 10th, 2009

 not to forget moplahstan in malabar. then dmkstan, mughalstan, dalitstan. see isi/church/han project
small states = literal meaning of balkanization; to lead to kosovo/serbia type civil war. what pak deserves, but india self-destructing
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why telengana now? 1. to distract from abject surrender to US/china in copenhagen, 2. to diminish rosiah to benefit samuel reddy offspring


Anonymous said...

While the central matters like Defence, External Affairs are handled by Centre, it is definitely good to have administration at more and more local levels.

Every state should be reduced in size. This will help pay more attention to areas deserving more developmental activities such as Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

Inferno said...

Well, it was the BJP and ABVP that made this such a big issue. Those who supported Telangana faced resounding defeat in the last elections. LK Advani's professed love for small states is well known.

nizhal yoddha said...

i oppose it on principle. there is a certain critical mass below which states are not viable, and they become insignificant. for instance, i see kerala being bullied by tamil nadu all the time because the latter is so much bigger and sends so many more MPs to the center they can generally get whatever they want. (of course dmk being imperialist bullies is part of the deal).

bly243001 said...

It's not the size of the state that matter, but how you.....rule it.

But I agree, in India smaller states under a certain size going to be unstable.

Anonymous said...

>>>there is a certain critical mass below which states are not viable, and they become insignificant. for instance, i see kerala being bullied by tamil nadu all the time ...

Israel is only half the size of Kerala in area and about one fourth in population. Yet it flourishes in the desert as an independent country despite surrounded by much bigger hostile neighbours. Switzerland, about the size of Kerala in area and one fourth in population is another example of viability.

So what is required is integrity and vision on the part of administrators and citizens.

Tamil Nadu also should be reduced in size for administrative effectiveness.

BTW, it may not be exactly the numbers of MPs that decides matters in TN's favour vis-a-vis Kerala. It may have more to do with lack of active interest on the part of Kerala MPs, perhaps.

M. Patil said...

There is not much sentiment for
Telangana in Hyd or nearby Telangana districts like Ranga Reddy dist and Medak.

Having said that I think splitting Kashmir into Ladakh, Jammu, Kargil and Kashir would be a good idea. That would cut the Kashiri Bullies into size.

darenot said...

You said "i oppose it on principle"
but what is your principle again?
Don't you think all citizens in a country or state deserve better governance. Do you know how many good hospitals are there in telangana region (barring hyderabad tricities)? do you know how literacy rate in this region or for that matter how better off they are economically compared to rest of state? Let me not get started on the dying farmers or the severe shortage of water in this region. For example, In Andhra Pradesh, Godavari flows through the districts of Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam, East Godavari and West Godavari. Now how much of that water is appropriated for the people of telangana? When a section of a people are saying that they have been marginalized all these years and want to have an opportunity to better themselves then they need to be heard and given that chance. If we still consider ourselves a functioning democracy then peoples wishes need to be respected and protected.
All these theories/speculation of why they this issue has been ratcheted up now is immaterial. The desire of telangana people for a seperate state is not something new, the flames have been burning hot and cold from the time AP was formed.

iw2fnh said...

Israel is a country that's in a mess. They're sorrounded by hostile neighbors. Any year could be its last. Switzerland is a member of the EU. They're part of a vaster market system. Most other city-state nations like Bahrein or Monoco exist only because the larger state allows it to. That's not a bad fate necessarily. But it is dangerous, especially if the hegemony America's had since 1945 ends.