Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas as a horrible waste of electricity, and of trees

dec 24th, 2009

now that the world is aware of global warming, why aren't christists turning off all those wasteful lights they light? adding billions of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere to celebrate a hoax?

and how about all those trees they destroy to make 'xmas trees'?

and how about all that acreage of good land that is taken up by their cemeteries with the moldering bones awaiting a hoax resurrection?

and how about all those turkeys (some 100 million of them) that they murder every year for the thanksgiving holiday?

christism is truly an environmental hazard, and that's not just coming from me: read this paper from a few decades ago:


Vijay said...

If the west is really serious about tackling global warming and other environment woes, first they have to abandon the source of this destruction ie Christianity. Christianity is anti man, anti nature anti everything. It has to be binned, banned and thrown away.

There is need for us to propagate the fact that this evil cult is at the root of the current environmental crisis we are facing.

Sandeep said...

And what goes on during Diwali, is not a waste of electricity?

nizhal yoddha said...

sandeep, there are enough pseudoseculars complaining about diwali. how come psecs are very silent about christmas? or about the murder of millions of goats for ramadan?

ever heard of 'level playing field'? it's a new concept.