Monday, December 21, 2009

Hitchens: someone finally tells the truth about pakistan

another insightful take by Hitchens on the master-slave relationship between the US and Pakistan.
it is self-loathing (pakistan) vs. masochism (US) - a strange pair.

I am reminded of the film Vidheyan (The Servile) by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. the servility of the slave toward his master is unmatched - as is his exaltation at the master's death.

my preferred take on the US-Pak pair is that of the battered spouse syndrome. Pakistan continues to spout self-righteous indignation while asking for hand outs - and then keeps beating on the yanks. the yanks continue to dutifully provide yet more moola in the hope that things will get better


Shankara said...

Hitchens made a mistake. 1971 war was genocide perpertrated on Hindus not muslims in Bangladesh.

Otherwise its nice to hear Hitchens.

adil said...


Just a correction. The 1971 genocide was "mainly" on Hindus and that too from the middle and latter half of the entire 9 month atrocity. The genocide began in March 1971 and till May-June it was Hindus and Muslims both under the wrath of the West Pakistan army. When the liberation movement could not be curtailed did the strategy change to give it the ethnic color and try and justify India's involvement in Pakistan's internal affairs