Wednesday, December 09, 2009

will things suddenly improve between australia and india?

dec 9th, 2009

much as i hope brahma chellaney is right, i doubt it.

kevin rudd seems to be more chinese than the chairman. he loves to spout mandarin. and he will push india to sign the NPT. 

and of course india will, in a display of thoughtless and rapidly escalating commitment. 

that is, we signed the nuclear deal -> so we must get uranium -> so we must sign NPT so oz sells it to us.

the means and the end are confused. the means become the point of focus, not the end.

the end, energy security, continues to be as distant and unreachable as ever. is brahma's article in the japan times.

here's a paper i wrote for a conference in energy security at osmania university. my conclusion: we are doomed to using more coal and oil for the foreseeable future.

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asd123 said...

Until the oil runs out that is. As recent IEA whistle-blowers have stated the oil data has been exaggerated, especially due to US pressure. Industry experts are also giving similar warnings.