Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the thomas hoax: "truth by repeated assertion" and the continuing predation by the church

dec 30th, 2009

the bbc and that pseudo-historian william dalrymple said in a documentary that "thomas *could* have come to india". 

yes, by that token, the moon *could* be made of green cheese. and jesus *could* have existed. and mao *could* have been a good human being. 

dalrymple believes that history is what was made up, not what actually happened.

a detail: i am not quite sure who was persecuting thomas of canaan and company, but i suspect it was real chrisists -- they had codified the ideology at the council of nicae circa 345 CE, and they treated everybody who didn't accede to their "greatest story ever sold" was treated as a heretic and burned at the stake. given the date of thomas of kanaa's flight, so close to the council of nicae, it is probable that the was chased to india by those who had manufactured the bible and created the dogma. 

the point about julian is well taken. there is no value to "interfaith dialog" because these christists are liars -- they have always lived a lie, with the only intention being imperial conquest. christism is a mask for white imperialism. nothing more. 

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From: Ishwar Sharan

The two articles below by V. Sundaram and B.R. Haran have been edited and revised with photos and links added to them. they are now reproduced at Bharata Bharati. Together they form a very comprehensive review of the St. Thomas in India history hoax. They may be bookmarked and kept for future reference by students of Indian history. 

The St. Thomas in India fable is a matter of Indian history. This point should never be forgotten. A people who have had their history mutilated or stolen from them have no national identity. The attempt to impose this spurious communal fable on Indians by the Catholic Church is an attempt to steal the Indian identity. It should be resisted at all costs.

The St. Thomas history hoax and and the wicked men behind it are not going to go away, and it would be prudent for Hindus to keep the relevant historical references available and at hand for reference.
Also take note of Julian's Gods by Rowland Smith.... (deleted). There are many studies of Julian but Smith's is definitely the best and most sympathetic.

Julian was the last Pagan emperor of Rome. He tried to restore the Old Religion and failed. He also tried "interfaith dialogue" with the Christian  bishops and failed there too. He was killed by a Christian officer who has since been canonized by the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Church has also canonized Constantine though he is one of the most evil and murderous kings to have ever ruled in Europe. Julian faced many of the problems we face today which is why he should be studied.


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Right Angle said...

I had a debate with my christian relative.. in that he emotionally narrates, how a brahmin took a knife and killed thomas..

I told him that it was bullshit spread by indian christian churches.. he did not accept..

Then i asked him "Do you know that the catholic institution has rejected this thomas india story".. he again blindly told that it is the truth..
Then i finally told him that i could give him all the proofs of catholic pope's statement from net..

He showed a conspirical silence and moved on to next topic..