Monday, December 21, 2009

india, the net loser in copenhagen, accedes to NPT-like discrimination

dec 22nd, 2009

two articles, one from brahma chellaney and the other from the DNA, on how india fumbled at the climate meet and ended up the net loser, whereas china pulled a fast one. 

why are we not surprised? this stuff requires serious thought, not platitudes and muddling through, the specialty of india's esteemed leaders and bureaucrats. 

India has traditionally allied itself with China on global environmental negotiations going back to the Montreal Protocol. "But whereas India stood on principles then, China turned around and left India behind," saying it would abide by the protocol if it was compensated by developed countries.
Even after the Kyoto Protocol, China "captured the bulk of the clean development mechanism funding".

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Non Carborundum said...

People have no idea how badly screwed India is now.

China's energy intensity (tonne of oil equivalent in $1 million
PPP 2005) is 320. India's is 220. China commits 40 % cut. India commits 25 %. Problem is that India is looking for a structural change in its economy from a services oriented economy to a more industrialised one, while China is already industrialised and could become more services oriented.

Jairam Ramesh is an arrogant, corrupt idiot.

Unfortunately, one of the few voices of reason in India is coming from Sunita Narain, crook and head of CSE which is a rival of TERI whose head Pachauri (you can't spell Pachori without Chori)is also head of IPCC.