Sunday, December 13, 2009

surrendering tamil tigers shot in cold blood: army chief

dec 13th, 2009

what we suspected all along. the sinhalese have been brutalizing the tamils during and after the war.

via brahma chellaney.


Hitanshu said...

Funny cartoon about christianity.

estheppan said...

Fonesca is playing politics. If he had so much problem with the orders he was getting from superiors, if he felt they were unlawful, he should have resigned from his post at that time.

Else he ahould admit that the defeat of LTTE is entirely due to political leadership.

Instead he is presently trying to draw mileage out of the victory over LTTE for himself while making allegations against political leadership.

He seems like a bl@@dy politician like that Pervert Musharaff felon.

M. Patil said...

It is unfortunate, but how else do you deal with barbarians. We treated 90,000 + POWs quite well. What did it get us?

In a war civilians must be treated with chivalry but not hardened thugs like LTTE or Kashmmiri terrorists, or Al Quaida/Pakis. Low level new recruits perhaps will change but not hardened higher ups.