Friday, December 25, 2009

more thoughts on nd tiwari

dec 25th, 2009

this guy at 85, i bet he couldn't really do any damage to the nymphets.

there was a great japanese novel (translated as saha-sayanam in malayalam) by i think yasunari kawabata, about old japanese men who pay to sleep -- just sleep -- with young teenage girls (who are drugged).

i doubt if tiwari could manage any more than that.

but as san said, this is what the kkkangress has been doing since the beginning: old goats screwing young women and the country. the First Prime Minister started this trend -- apparently he was one randy guy; his daughter (i have this on authority of kerala christist m o mathai who was her private secretary, and who, according to him, used to um... bonk her too) was another randy one. surely the grandson and great-grandson are continuing in the same vein.

i get it -- that's why they are/were such intellectual giants. heard the expression -- pardon my french -- "bonked her brains out"? apparently the guys had the reverse effect -- their brains (um... using the term loosely) fell out during/after vigorous bonking.

i saw tiwari once some years ago. he didn't appear to have much by way of brains then. i guess he lost them the same way. 


Shankar said...

This guy is famous for carrying Sanjay Gandhi's chappals in public.

abhilash said...

One shrill media anchor thinks that these sex scandals should not be covered in main stream media :))) Talk about honour among thieves..After all Mr Tiwari is a Nehruvian Congressman :) .. The other explanation about the anchor's reticence could be the rumours about Headley's links to his paramour(s) in main steam media. The anchors have to guard against some headley-paramour tape suddenly appearing in youtube - they have to protect the sorority, if not yourself..In this case the pot knows the danger of calling kettle black

abhilash said...

Headley's alleged paramour(s) in the TV studio tried to act holier-than-thou on this.. Apparently sexcapades of celebrities should not be covered. Alleged Paramour did not have any problem covering the Tiger Woods saga though..

Congress's handouts to some in the media really has an impact. The thieves seem to have an honour - man na parega :)

Raghu said...

Well.. He resigned for 'health' reasons. Sex, lies and tape. Ironically the victims used the same videos and photos to expose them which Arvind blackmailed them with. Matter of interest now is that who are those congress MPs who were sexually abusing these girls...

Anonymous said...

If it was anybody from BJP who was involved in this manner, the news would remain BREAKING PRIME for weeks if not months with juicy additions by the minute. And entire saffron brigade would be villified by association.

Media Integrity is now oxymoron.

Oldtimer said...

>>One shrill media anchor thinks that these sex scandals should not be covered in main stream media

Who is this airhead? Tarun Tejpal of "get sex workers to film stories" fame by any chance?

But in general, I noticed a great reticence in the eng lang media to cover this scandal. Even the Slimes of India struck a "decent" posture ;) -- got to do with Congress party getting caught with its pants down I guess.

In the meanwhile, here are some ND Tiwari jokes for you. Enjoy and contribute your own:

* * *

Why does the governor need three women at a time?

One to share his bed, another to hold the lighting equipment and the third to operate the camera.

* * *

Progress is being made. For the first time ever a Congress man got sacked for screwing people.

* * *

Gubernatorial advice: "Want mining license? Get drilled!"

Anonymous said...

Oldtimer :-)

Somebody commented that the governor was attempting unauthorized mining using old NDT probe.

san said...

Here's one more for you:

86-year-old Tiwari walks into a church confessional and says, "Forgive me father, for I have sinned."

The priest replies, "Please tell me, what was your sin?"

"Last night I had sex with three women and filmed it."

"Oh my, that is a great sin. When was your last confession?"

"I've never been to confession. I'm a Hindu."

"Then why did you come here to tell me this?"

"I'm telling everybody!"

Oldtimer said...

>>Somebody commented that the governor was attempting unauthorized mining using old NDT probe.

I bet the dude didn't have an iron whore mining license too.

R.Sajan said...

Majority of Indian males do not get any or enough of it till they marry. Most Indians cannot do it at all after 40. Tiwari needs to be congratulated.