Monday, December 21, 2009

death of an iranian doctor, so much like that of rajan during the emergency

dec 21st, 2009

a young engineering student of REC, calicut, rajan was tortured to death in 1975 with the full knowledge and complicity of the then congress chief minister in kerala, k karunakaran, for rajan had made fun of him in a 'chakyar koothu' (traditional one-man show that pokes fun at the high and mighty). the story of his father eachara warrier and his 35-year, and futile, search for truth is one of the most poignant stories to have come out of the emergency. depicted in the heartbreakingly beautiful movie, 'piravi' (the birth) by shaji n karun.

and now here's this young iranian doctor's story. equally sad.

the predatory state wins, as usual.

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Anand Rajadhyaksha said...

Asma Bint Marwan is born to die, every time, everywhere.