Wednesday, December 16, 2009

nepali maoist show true 'courage' - attack helpless lady
I wonder where the 'loose women who go to pubs' people are - complete with their excess under-wear. oh - I forgot - it is a hindu woman who got beaten up. hindus and women have no rights - so someone that is both hindu and women is simply irredeemable

funny you never see the 'loose women' when you need them the most - like when taslima nasreen is attacked by mohammedan goons in hyderabad.

this is actually what is in store for all hindu women when the commies and the mohammedans come to power. they are merely objects of blood lust.


karyakarta92 said...

Outrageous. The pink chaddi brigade are too dense to comprehend the stark truth. The Supreme Court of India, in it's infinite wisdom, recently suggested to GOI that prostitution be legalized. I'm sure the hideous banshee Renuka Chowdhary and her panty mailing daughter would nod their heads in approval.

siva said...

@karyakarta92, I beg to differ on this issue. I agree with SC, it’s not for nothing that they say it is the oldest profession in the world! Besides morality cannot be legislated. By making it legal we are only making it safer for those unfortunate women. At least they don’t have to put up with one group of douche bags – Indian cops.

asd123 said...

@siva Do you want India to end up like the post-imperial degenerate West (which is currently on it's way down) in the future? Or would you rather India end up like Southeast Asia, a mere sex tourist playground for the post-imperialists?

If there are no morals in a society there is no society, only primitive tribalism. Just look at America's decline in the past 50 years.

karyakarta92 said...

My point was that the pink chaddi brigade would be enthused by the Supreme Court's recommendation. Women of their ilk are not "unfortunate", rather glorify their "practice" as "liberalism" and a human rights issue.

Non Carborundum said...


You might have a point, but consider the following:

If prostitution were legalized in India, then would private corporate sector involvement be allowed?

Further, if SC/ST/OBC quotas are implemented in private sector, then would corporate prostitution entities have to comply too?

Would FDI be allowed in these entities? What about the IPO rules?

Also, would gay prostitution be legal too? If not, would not that be grossly unfair given the other recent developments?

If we resolve these pressing issues through sufficient number of candlelight vigils, then the other minor ones will take care of themselves.

siva said...

@asd123 – I said no such thing...

In the latest SuperFreakonomics they found out police, more often than not, almost like 90% of the time, would sleep with a prostitute in exchange for not arresting them! By making this act illegal we are just making it difficult for the unfortunate women folk and empowering the already corrupt and worthless scum – Indian police.

I am simply saying people would do what they have to do to make a living. Morality can be preached or taught but cannot be legislated. By legislating morality you are simply making the act illegal not stopping it.

FYI prostitution is illegal in the US of A except of course Vegas! Applying your standard the ban did not stop America’s decline, is it? :-)

@Non Carborundum – I hear you... you are funny.

Harish said...

Prostitution was legal in several Hindu kingdoms.

May be people should read our history instead of confusing our morality with Victorian morality.

Harish said...

And the decline of the family in the West has nothing to do with the legalization or criminalization of prostitution.

Most of it is due to anti male feminist laws like VAWA, no fault divorce, alimony & a bunch of other things. Several of these laws are already in place in India.

Women in US initiate nearly 70% of the divorces, the reasons for that are obvious to anyone who has seen men get destroyed CS, alimony etc.

NYT had a piece on cuckolded husbands who were ordered to keep paying CS for kids proven to be biologically not theirs till they turned 18. This is the case in most US states which have the outdated Lord Mansfield law which states that any kids within a marriage are the husbands responsibility, this was before paternity testing was available. Some of the men profiled in the article had their ex wives shacked up with their lovers who fathered their kid while they were living in crummy apartments & trying to keep up with CS payments for kids that aren't even theirs. Of course most feminists support Lord Mansfield law.

When you have laws like that & a welfare state you have family breakdown & that has nothing to do with prostitution.

karyakarta92 said...

you're missing my point about the honorable Renuka Chowdhary and the Supreme court's suggestion.
It has nothing to do with Victorian morality.

asd123 said...

@siva This is why India should deal with corruption. Enforcement of the law is another issue.

The Chinese had massive corruption issues with the KMT. Then the CCP came in and made China much more efficient than it was before.

kp11 said...

legalising prostitution does not mean opening sex shops in your or mine neighbourhood and sending out shining booklets to ask ppl to come and have sex in India. It will certainly be clubbed with a lot of other regulations. Registration of prostitutes will greatly help eliminate forced sex trade.

Oldtimer said...

Though I'm in favor of legalizing prostitution, there's this flip side to doing so:

Recall Tehelka? Tejpal and gang used prostitutes to get a story and got away with what effectively was an act of pimping only because the then NDA government lacked the nerve to book them under the Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act. So legalizing prostitution could mean tehelkizing once-decent professions like journalism. It may increasingly become difficult to tell between sex workers and media people.

AGworld said...

> It may increasingly become difficult to tell between sex workers and media people

Too funny. Its already impossible, I say.

Anonymous said...

On legalization of prostitution -