Sunday, December 20, 2009

very well-informed analysis of pakistan; also homage to tukaram omble, by pundita

dec 20th, 2009

pundita is an acutely observant and vastly knowledgeable observer of US foreign policy. here she provides two penetrating accounts of the psychosis that is called pakistan.

also, for once, someone gives due credit to tukaram omble. 

alden pyle is from graham greene.

ps. the fact that she quotes me does help my vanity, but that is not the reason i suggest you read this. it is because she is willing to step away from the usual mealy-mouthed groupthink about pakistan and tell it like it is, and doesn't give two hoots about either the obamistas' pretzel-logic nor the bushies' somersaults in logic -- a pox to both their houses.

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