Thursday, December 17, 2009

madani: my wife is innocent, and see, john dayal says so too

dec 18th, 2009

of course she is.

plotting terrorism against infidels is perfectly innocent behavior for mohammedans.

john dayal and other usual suspects say so, so it must be true, no?

but why are they not saying "the law must take its own course" and "it's subjudice, so we mustn't talk about it"? if a  hindu were arrested, that would be their mantra.

the fact is, as manmohan would agree, mohammedans can do anything they want in india. they are above national laws. 


John Dayal said...

The law mus, of course, take its own course
for everyone -- she or the sanyasins

nizhal yoddha said...

obviously you don't believe it, john dayal. otherwise why are you blabbering about the innocence of madani's wife in a petition instead of waiting for "the law to take its own course"?

and surely you and your fellow padres have gone to great lengths to subvert justice in the murder of sister abhaya.

so you are talking out of both sides of your mouth.

Raja said...

John Dayal,
Snooping on a Hindu nationalist web site?

You talk of Sanyasin when it come to "law taking its course", right? Don't you know it is? She has been languishing in the jail without any concrete evidence so far. Where as a proven terrorist Madani is in the open and his proven terrorist wife has just been nabbed for colluding with terrorists. The law did not act in this case for a long time whereas it was swift in the Sanyasin's case! She was arrested even before any proof could be found.

By the way, you have been siding with a proven terrorist. What does it make you? Should not the law takes its own course in your case too and have you grilled? Wish you were in there with MAdani's wife!