Friday, December 11, 2009

this fasting unto death business is strictly for the birds

dec 11th, 2009

i am beginning to think it doesn't show 'soul force', it shows 'blackmail by cranky old men'. this telengana business is crazy. for a nation to be blackmailed by one fellow is utterly pathetic. first there was that nut or martyr (depending on your perspective) potti sriramulu. now this guy, and there will be lots of 'copycat fasting unto death' types demanding various pieces of turf.

radha rajan's book deconstructing gandhi comes to mind. the guy was no doubt a marketing genius, but in the end he undid all the good that he did with two major blunders:

1. he never understood mohammedans
2. he foisted upon india a crypto-mohammedan as 'the great leader'

now at least gandhi *was* a marketing genius. all these latter-day fasters-unto-death are charlatans. the point is, they do not in fact fast unto death.

if you believe in your cause, you must die, like the buddhist monks in vietnam who burned themselves to death in protest against the attacks on them by the christist madame nhu, diem, nguyen administrations.


harish said...

Whom do you refer to when you say crypto-mohammaden?? Maulana Azad is my guess

Inferno said...

Harish, it is Jawaharlal.

Well, this KCR guy is worse than a charlatan. He is a loser. He lost big time in recent elections. BJP's role in this is most disconcerting. They even aligned with Maoists:

Meanwhile, BJP supporters prevented supporters of a unified Andhra Pradesh from taking out a rally at Kukatpally. About 50 ‘Samykhyandra’ supporters, who took out the rally near JNTU at Kukatpally were sent back by the BJP supporters.

Ghost Writer said...

I am not sure why if you beleive in your cause, you must die. That does nothing for your cause - this kind of gandhian self-sacrific gets one nowhere. better to fight - and if needed kill - no? if you are caught out as being a self-centered angry man, just play self-righteous as the commies and mohammedans do so well

Murty said...

The previous Telangana agitation took place in 1969 because of the vanity or greed of one person called Chenna Reddy and this time it is because of the greed of KCR. What happened to Telangana’s fortunes after Chenna Reddy was made the Chief Minister to cool down the tempers of Telangana people? Nothing. Why even after 40 years, we still keep hearing about the injustices meted out to the Telangana region? What were the Telangana politicians doing all these years? Why did KCR realize suddenly about Telangana’s plight in 2001? Because he was not given the post he wanted by Chandrababu Naidu. If Telangana materializes tomorrow, it will still be ruled by the same dirty and evil politicians and the plight of the common man is not going to improve. Whom will they blame then?

Potti Sriramulu was certainly a martyr and not a nut, as some try to portray him. He gave up his life for liberating the Telugus from the clutches of the Tamilians, who were oppressing the fromer in the composite Madras state. (Ironically, the Tamilians have their revenge now; Chidambaram has become instrumental in the creation of separate Telangana, much to the glee of the Tamils.) There is no comparison between the Amarajeevi Sriramulu and the charlatan KCR. Telangana people think that he is their savior but little do they know that he has undertaken this mission to enrich himself and his family. He will become the Chief Minister of Telangana with some of his relatives like Harish Rao and other cronies in key positions. We can see this history unfold before our eyes very soon.