Monday, October 08, 2007

for communists, any and all pandering to mohammedans is welcome

oct 4th, 2007

i pointed out the repeated references to the ram setu as adam's bridge to support mohammedan mythology. how much evidence do they have that adam existed? or that he went across the bridge? or that he stood on some peak for 1,000 years? answer: none, whatsoever.

i would like to see the communists agitating to call 'allah bund' in gujarat 'mao bund'. after all, they don't have any evidence about allah's existence, either, right, but they have evidence that mao existed.

here's another example, sent in by reader thirdeye:


habc said...

ot- not trying to give anyone any ideas but I found out about two new flowers I had never heard of before

These flowers are known as Kimilsungia in honour of the country's founding leader. His son, the current leader Kim Jong-il has flowers named for him too - Kimjongilia.

Also notice how they are talking about Anglo-Indians

Famous UK comic discovers Indian roots

Citing a long list of Anglo-Indians who were either portrayed as white British if they did well or relegated to native status if they didn’t,

McGowan’s ‘outing’ has transfixed the Anglo-Indian diaspora, which has struggled over the past 21 years to nurture a sense of pride about its greatest sons and daughters through seven diaspora reunions held around the world.

ramesh said...

rajeev have u read this. Its in rediff. Vatican calls upon Islam to respect all religions. F****** cheek.

sansk said...

anyone taking bets about the fall/survival of the dhimi government led by moron singh ?