Friday, October 19, 2007

Murdoch vs NYT

Media powerhouse Rupert Murdoch plans to take on the NYT, using his newly acquired asset, the Wall Street Journal. I say this is a good thing, because these Atlanticist mouthpieces should not be left unscathed while they spew out their bile.

Murdoch's quite capable of nailing them too, just like he hammered the other Left-leaning TV broadcasters with his Fox network. In the field of business, the Lefties aren't necessarily the most competent or unassailable, by any measure.

We all saw how NYT at first resisted/badmouthed the blogosphere phenomenon, when they thought it threatened their elite media ivory tower. I've noticed that they've likewise been particularly venomous in their coverage of local newspaper acquisitions in the Big Apple.

Let's hope that Murdoch gives the Atlanticists more sleepless nights.


habc said...

ot -

Italy: Homage to Indian soldiers killed in WW II

Nearly 6,000 Indian soldiers died in Italy during World War II and many of them lie buried in five war cemeteries around the country,

A total of 50,000 Indian troops fought on Italian soil and almost half of them were injured in battle. Of the 20 soldiers who received the former British Empire's highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross, for combat in Italy, six were given to Indian soldiers.

The troops from the subcontinent were crucial in the liberation of cities such as Bologna, San Marino, Ferrara, Lucca and Florence.

"Indian soldiers were there in Florence, they were there in the Uffizi Gallery," said Dogra, referring to the world famous museum in the central Italian city which includes works by Renaissance masters like Michelangelo.

"Otherwise all those artefacts, those precious paintings, those wonderful monuments, they would not have been here for us to appreciate," he said.

So many of our people sacrificed their lives so that the Italian people could enjoy freedom. Could the people of Italian descent living in India show some respect for our Gods, religions and symbols in return?

habc said...

Look at the Kaangress "Culture"

UP Cong leaders refuse to return SUVs given for election campaign

Hired SUVs for Cong campaigners

Sage said...
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bly243001 said...

Exactly Sage, not only Rupert Murdoch is a big china supporter but also a big rightwing christian supporter, which only means he is a big hindu hater. Compared to him I would take NYT anyday.

TallIndian said...

I'm not sure what world San lives in.

The Murdoch has owned the worthless NY Post for the better part of 40 years and made no headway against the NYT.

Fox has a veiwership that is nearly all geriatric and we need to arm Pakistan to protect us from the Commies.

Sameer said...
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Sameer said...

I agree, Rupert Murdoch is no good for India and Hinduism, and nothing much to be elated upon.

Well, as for the Indian soldiers in Italy, yes, Indian soldiers did a lot of sacrifice for the liberation of Europe and played a great role in other parts of the world, Africa, SE Asia etc.
But one day, I happened to see an article on TV regarding the Indian soldiers in italy (At Monte Casino), and the graves shown (Of Hindu and Sikh soldiers) had cross on them, and these were 'graves' and the blog comment also mentions 'buried', see, these fellows don't even spare the dead bodies of the soldiers fighting on their side.

Wish one and all a Happy Vijaya Dashami.
I came across a news in Deccan Chronicle, which brought a change (Other than the dirty, sick, commie type news).
It was about burning of effigies in Ram Lila at Allahabad. (Which you have already posted in your blog)
Along with the usual, Ravana, Kumbhakarana, Meghanath, they decided to burn Karunanidhi's effigy too....
But the emotion changed to usual when just below that I read about lions in gir being killed, 'asiatic' (pls notice not Indian, but 'Asiatic') lions killed by electrocution...
And whats happening with the Russians? their higher people didn't meet Pranab Mukherji and Antony when they went to Moscow (Not that they are people worth wasting time)
And the idiotic MMS is barking too much, looks like he got bones from the first PM's family to chew on..

truti said...

Even the South India China Post published by the pomeranian lover N.Ram and his kennel of poodles Sainath, Sukumar Muralidharan, S Varadarajan, Harish Khare and other windbags at first seem to have ignored blogs but are now said to coming around to grudging acceptance, Blogs may yet submerge the MSM in India as unlike in the west, blogs and newspapers have an almost totally overalapping readership. It would be lovely to have N.Ram's rag either reverting to its roots of nationalism and Indian tradition or simply - like the archetypal communist State - simply wither away. I hear N.Ram's rag isn't the force it used to be in Chennai with declining readership.

san said...

I don't mind seeing Murdoch and NYT take each other on and do mutual damage in the process. That's fine by me. I am certainly not blind to Murdoch's flaws, but neither do I see his opponents as a bunch of saints. Likewise, Bush has been part of the Christian Right-wing for a long time now, but he's also done things which have advanced Indian interests, even as the Atlanticist voices cry foul.

NYPost is just a lower-quality tabloid, and is not a national-level newspaper like NYT. The key here is for the NYT's bastion to be put under strong challenge, so that they can't badmouth others (eg. Indians) with impunity. That's what free market choice is all about, and it's also why Indians like multi-polarity.