Monday, October 29, 2007

"Tribal" rally in Delhi for land reforms

"The rally and the 26-day walkathon proceeding it is being organised by an organisation called the Ekta Parishad, and funded by international organisations like Oxfam and Christian Aid among others ....."

More malicious propaganda by the usual suspects in the name of "land reforms" and "tribal rights". I watched a report on NDTV about this rally, where they were talking to one of the organisers and his Kerala christist accent was pretty conspicuous. Yet, they refrained from identifying him. He was threatening to lay siege to New Delhi "indefinitely".... The malafide intentions of the padres inciting the gullible tribals is given away by their usage of the pernicious nomenclature of "Adivasi" as opposed to "Vanvasi".

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witan said...

In the first para of your own comment, you have pointed out that the “march” was “funded by international organisations like Oxfam and Christian Aid among others ....."
I add here some excerpts from the report in New York Times :
“For 26 days, thousands of peasants … marched more than 200 miles here to the capital from Gwalior, in central India, with the hope of telling their government how they had been cast aside by India’s roaring economic growth.”
“A spokesman for Ekta Parishad, or Unity Council, which organized the march, said it had registered 25,000 participants. The council mobilizes people, particularly the “poor and deprived,” to seek “proper and just” use of land and other resources.”
“Many marchers are indigenous people known here as tribals and among the most vulnerable to displacement by industrial projects slated for the heavily forested, resource-rich swath in central India. They were joined by a fair number of foreigners. The cost of the procession, about $1.25 per person per day, the organizers said, was defrayed by foreign aid agencies.” [emphasis added]

It is clear from the above that the march of the so-called “peasants” was organized by anti-Indian groups, and it is clearly a subversive activity. The CON gress party, headed by a christian woman of foreign origin seems to be supporting it.
Need one say more?