Monday, October 08, 2007

rajeev on gandhi's relevance

oct 8th, 2007


ramesh said...

I am no authority on Gandhi but I personally think he was – like Asoka, as u pointed out in one of ur posts I thnk – an aberration, contrary to the Indian way of life. Frankly he was more of Christian than Hindu. A Christian in a hindu body. (Gandhi was deeply influenced by Tolstoy incidentally). His concept of ahimsa had more to do with Buddhism or Jainism then the B Gita or even his idol Ramayana. Gandhi caused enormous damage to Hindi society. He misinterpreted ahimsa, his resolve to fasts etc. to have his way was in may ways an inverted form of violence, etc. etc. And in many ways he is responsible for the ongoing obsessive concern for minorities, even at the cost of the majority community’s benefit, which has been such a peculiar feature of Indian polity right from independence. and may i compliment u on ur extremely well written article, as always.

Vinod_Sharma said...

An extremely well written article.

Gandhi's relevance today is more than ever before. Unfortunately, other than printing his face on currency notes and naming roads after him, the Congress party has discarded him completely in favour of Nehruvian policies which are nowhere near what Gandhi believed in.That why we are in a mess on many counts.

I have written in detail on Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru-Gandhi family etc in my blog. Do read it.

habc said...

Considering the difference in world views between Kaangress and Gandhi, it must also be noted that Gandhi was against missionaries

siva said...

Very well written buddy. Kudos for giving credit where it is due, like “Small is Beautiful” and “slow food” and “buy local” and ripping apart where he failed miserably.

You mentioned that old Gods of India are packed off, it would be really when that happens.

Cricket is a good game and that’s it. In india it makes you puke at the amount of coverage it is given. You have to see the stupid Indian (English) channels giving coverage to the bloody uncultured brute Aussies. You will feel more like smacking the Indian reporters for their stupidity than the pompous Aussies.

And the other thing you mentioned Koffee with Karan. I am from TN and I don’t know who this guy is but who ever he is I cannot stand him. He is like a 16 year old girl giggling and wiggling constantly. I just saw his program when flipping thorugh channels and I just could not watch more than five minutes. Since you mentioned him here he has to be somebody up north I guess. Indian english media, both print and TV, is pathetic.

nizhal yoddha said...

thanks, guys, for your positive feedback. poor gandhi, he must be turning over in his grave, in fact spinning like a top.

this karan is some hollywood type. i never watch urdu movies, so i don't know exactly who he is. i was just looking for an example of inanity. i guess i could have used sagarika ghose's show as an example as well, whatever it's called. i saw it once, and that was enough. i have seen koffee with karan twice.