Monday, October 29, 2007

Is this what is Islamic banking ?

Isnt interest not allowed under Islam? Ohh of course, I forget, you can charge exhorbitant interest from Kafirs.
But 50% interest? I used to think that credit card companies in India were the worst at 32% interest per annum.
The involvement of Vanvasis in the post-Godhra riots added a new dimension to the communal violence. In rural areas the Vanvasis attacked the Muslim moneylenders, shopkeepers and the forest contractors. They used their traditional bow and arrows as also their implements used to cut trees and grass while attacking Muslims. They moved in groups and used coded signals for communication. Apparently, the accumulated anger of years of exploitation by Muslim moneylenders (interest of 50 per cent per annum), shopkeepers and forest contractors had become explosive after moneylenders sexually exploited their womenfolk.

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karyakarta92 said...

And to think that P. Chidambaram is straining the state apparatus to establish such an Islamic backing system at a national level,
at a great cost to the taxpayer!
The mullah/missionary/marxist propagandists and their "secular" running dogs are always concocting some theory of "root causes of alienation" for jihadi/padre/naxal
terror. You won't hear that theory applied in this context, where it is actually very relevant. The Gujarati people are among the most mild and peaceful people anywhere in India. Imagine the diabolical atrocities like these and the Godhra genocide that would force them to riot. The provocations and root causes for the Vanvasi revolt against such oppression need to be brought to the notice of entire nation. The Dalits and Vanvasis are frontline soldiers in the war to defeat anti-national forces.