Tuesday, October 23, 2007

bloomberg: Dalai Lama steals limelight from commie leaders.

oct 23rd, 2007

kissinger is a war criminal and what he says is of no consequence. he should be tried and convicted of crimes against humanity, but isn't only because he is a well-connected white guy.

boy, pesek really beats up on hu and co. expect bloomberg to be banned too :-)

actually, i am glad the bushies thumbed their noses to the chinese by doing this intentionally. there is a lot of anti-china feeling (and fear) among the political class in the us.

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From: Manju

Also read Henry Kissinger saying honoring Dalai Lama
is a terrible idea. Is he under the payroll of
Chinese commies like Karat and Yechury. By the way
harmonious growth (just slogans) seem to be similar to
congress or communist slogans in India compared to
what NDA achieved or what Narendra Modi is achieving
in Gujarat.



habc said...

somewhat OT

See the statement by the Vice President of the largest Russian Oil Company (not some pappu on the street)

US sanctions complicate LUKoil/Hydro project in Iran

The development of the Anaran block in western Iran by a joint venture of Russian LUKoil and Norwegian Hydro has been complicated by U.S. sanctions, Vice President of the Russian company Leonid Fedun said on Monday.

He believes that a similar situation may happen in Venezuela if similar sanctions are imposed. "In this case only China will be able to work there because China doesn’t care what the U.S. thinks about it," he added.

habc said...

Italy's Padre Pio 'faked his stigmata with acid'

Padre Pio, Italy's most-loved saint, faked his stigmata by pouring carbolic acid on his hands, according to a new book.

A recent survey in Italy showed that more people prayed to him than to Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

The testimony was originally presented to the Vatican by the Archbishop of Manfredonia, Pasquale Gagliardi, as proof that Padre Pio caused his own stigmata with acid.

It was examined by the Holy See during the beatification process of Padre Pio and apparently dismissed.

Pietro Siffi, the president of the League, said: "We would like to remind Mr Luzzatto that according to Catholic doctrine, canonisation carries with it papal infallibility.

also see
Italy's biggest business: the Mafia

According to the tenth annual report from Confesercenti, a small-business union, "Mafia Inc" has now leapfrogged the state-owned energy giant, Eni, as Italy's largest firm.
there is now a criminal presence in every economic activity," said a spokesman for Confesercenti.

Shahryar said...

"according to Catholic doctrine, canonisation carries with it papal infallibility."

Holy Crap!

karyakarta92 said...

The Kaangress media cell has been absolutely tight-lipped on the hush-hush visit to China by the Shroud of Turin and Raul. Why?
Will they be seeking gag orders for Yechury & the Karats on the nuke 'deal'?

Sonia, Rahul on five-day visit to -China
--Pioneer News Service | New Delhi

UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi left for a five-day China visit with son Rahul Gandhi late on Wednesday night.

Senior Congress leader Karan Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs Anand Sharma and Minister of State in PMO Prithviraj Chavan have also accompanied Sonia on the visit. The delegation would return late on October 29.

Sonia's office and the Congress media cell have been absolutely tight-lipped about the visit. Though it is a scheduled visit on the invitation from China, the exact agenda is not being revealed. Sources said that this has been on the request of Chinese Government.

Since it is a political delegation, the Indian leaders are being termed as "Indian dignitaries", sources said.