Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Christist lesbian wedding stuns Visakhapatnam

The duo started working in a church together to earn money, but they were sacked after their colleagues complained about their ‘intimate’ behaviour. Undaunted, the couple rented a small house and started living there. However, Varalakshmi’s mother was upset at her daughter’s friendship and took her home. But the couple got married without much publicity and during Dasara, Kumari appeared with cropped hair. “She was wearing trousers and T-shirt like a man,” said a neighbour. Another curious neighbour saw a photograph in a local studio in which Kumari and Varalakshmi were exchanging Bibles, which is how Christians in the rural belt get married.

They made further enquiries found that the young women (both belong to the goldsmith community) also got married according to Hindu rites in Lingala Tirugudu temple
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Ordinarily, one would take an indulgent view of such things. But imported christist decadence is corrupting the moral fiber of the nation. Having converted, is exchanging Bibles not enough of a wedding? Why the deliberate "secular progressive" insistence on doing it in a Hindu temple as well? Paper or Plastic/Here or To Go/
Hindu or Christian - can't have both of these mutually exclusive things. I'd like to know which poojari presided over this, if any. The answer is likely none and that the christists are just pushing the frontiers of psychological warfare against Hindus, emboldened by the "Open Season" that the permissive UPA dhimmi regime has ushered in.

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