Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bharat Karnad: November surprise on nuke 'deal'

Bharat Karnad describes a worrisome scenario of Manmohan and the Kaangress yet
pushing the emasculating nuclear "deal" through, with some political sleight of hand.

Absolutely anything is possible under the UPA dhimmis. The demise of the "deal" cannot be definitively sealed until they're safely out of office.


Narayan said...

This is true and will happen.
When there is a weak govt (read MMS and Kangress) that is when outside powers can interfere and armtwist. (Like it is very evident now. China engineers getting visa for a project..., bending back on a N-deal that is totally opposite of energy independence. Inaction on Chinese and Bdeshi incursions etc etc the list is endless). Now there is another dynamic, there is an European (Italian) also who is runnning the show from the behind. Now US and other countries know they can never get a better opportunity time, never again in the future). They will do overt, covert and what ever in for business. (business of billions of selling reactors).
That is why all partriotic Indians should vote not vote for this party in power kangress. Besides I would bet my money that this will happen. I would be surprised if it does not.

Chatrapath said...

Here's a little INSIDE information---I heard from some acquaintances that the Madame from Italy is hiring Western Intel agencies to "scope" out rivals to her precious Raoul. Yes it's absolutely true---the most powerful person in the GOI has hired EXTERNAL INTEL AGENCIES to keep close tabs on HER rivals.

The GOI is doing NOTHING.

Narayan said...

this comming national elections is very important
1) Will India go to perpetual slavery and banana republic status = kaangress winning, annoiting Raoul as pm....a great tragedy on a billion plus population
See the Sonia and Beta Raoul going to China an enemy country of India for 5 days. What business do they have, the Chinese know too,,,, she can ask for India Commies support in return for some Ladakh or Arunachal or Sikkim or God knows what....a perfect time to BARTER...
The Chinese have never had it so good, they know where to pull the strings...
2) Antonia will definately have western support...Does any one know what and whom she met after the recent UN visit in NYC. She did not return to INdia immediately but after a few days we know what her engagement was...
3) If the Kangress wins again. the future is bleak,,,the barbarians will be inside the country not at the gates any more.. A great tragedy waiting to happen.

Certainly a divine intervention is needed....Somehow the BJP should win....once in power they will get their act together... After some time the demographic invasaion and religious conversion will make it a perpetual Lebenon/Beriut situation.........

Jai Hind....The people of India and Hindus of the world deserve better. Not second class status in their own country.

habc said...
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habc said...

Do not be so depressed. Here is something to cheer you up
Look at these Laura Bush photos and one with burkha(?)

Just as we have "Communally Sensitive Areas", the Europeans have come up with "Sensitive Urban Areas"

Riots in Amsterdam and Brussels

so much verbal BS to say "Muslim neighbourhood"