Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nuclear Deal: Making the right choice - M.V. Kamath

oct 30th, 2007

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Nuclear Deal: Making the right choice
Organiser - Nov.4, 2007
M.V. Kamath

The Congress looks ridiculous. It is now running
around like a dog with its tail between its legs
humiliated. It is a humiliation that is

Do we have a government in Delhi? And if we have one,
what sort of governance is it providing to the
country? It says one thing one day and quite a
contrary things the day following. One suspects that
it is run by babus who know little of politics and
much less of how the public pulse beats.

And Dr Manmohan Singh looks like the quintessential
babu. Even an ordinary citizen with no education would
have been chary of running down Shri Ram, the way the
Archaeological Survey of India did on the Ram Sethu
issue with, obviously, the tacit consent of Ambika
Soni. The Government subsequently has been forced to
withdraw its affidavits and eat its words. To say the
least, it has been a sickening performance. It is
reducing secularism to its ultimate absurdity.

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No convergence of interest on nuke deal-Sandhya Jain

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