Tuesday, October 30, 2007

killing sikhs is not a holocaust, covering it up is perfectly acceptable: kaangress and ELM

oct 30, 2007

they killed 10,000 sikhs in delhi alone (i am following the same ratio followed by the ELM, of inflating actual numbers by at least 3x to get it to a nice round number), and then they had an eyewash commission to bless it.

sonia gandhi should be tried for crimes against humanity by the international criminal court in the hague, because her husband was the one who said, "when a banyan tree falls, the earth shakes", in other words killing sikhs is just acceptable collateral damage. he would not have said this without the concurrence of his wife sonia. therefore, sonia is guilty of the war crime.


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karyakarta92 said...

"Justice" Ranganath Mishra is the same constipated judge who is heading a commission that recommends extending reservations
to SC converts to the semitic cults, notwithstanding the widespread abuse of government mandated quotas by stealth christists. As such, anything that this "Justice" Mishra says carries zero credibility. Collusion of such Ghandy family sycophants in the judiciary with whitewashing the
Kaangressi genocide of the Sikhs is a black mark on Indian dhimmocracy - a crime for which the shroud of Turin, Raoul and Bianca are personally culpable.