Tuesday, October 30, 2007

student exchange program becomes confused with au pair labor

oct 30th, 2007

this host family thought the indian girl was an 'au pair' girl, a foreigner seeking to learn englihs who was also looking to earn a wage doing light housework and babysitting in an affluent household. (i believe this is what antonia maino was doing in cambridge, uk. one must study her horoscope to understand her rise from that to being empress of india. talk of luck!)

but the real intent behind student exchange programs is different: it is not labor, it is for a young high-school student to learn more about the host country, and vice versa.

one might say, drily, that that part was fulfilled. the indian girl learned all about the state of the family in the host country from this sorry episode.

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From: Narayan


Please post this on your blog. Reason being many starry eyed and dreamy eyed students and their parents from India may take necessary and sufficient facts before commiting their young daughters and sons to emotional trauma in the form of 'US-India culteral exchange' that they may not even be aware of. I would blame this on the projection in the media (partly Hollywood movies) that all is well on the domestic front in the western world. What we see here is a symptom of family values etc gone bad. Not to say there are many kind and generous families, but predominanetly the family system is almost broken, family values arising out of childhood with distraught and single parents contribute….


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witan said...

Attn. Ms Nikita Dhavle
I saw this news on TV, and Nikita Dhavle herself was shown, using a computer. She had left the computer monitor partially covered with its plastic cover, presumably for keeping out dust. But this will make the monitor overheat, because the air vents are blocked.