Sunday, October 28, 2007

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oct 28th, 2007

this is another red herring. there have been *many* studies about red-lining in the us, the practice where non-whites are steered away from white neighborhoods. similarly whites have been shown to be racist when an equally qualified black/brown/yellow person shows up for an interview and is not given a chance compared to a white person.

actually, i read some reports about this 'study' in a letters to the editor in the economist (and i saw kk92's post too) which claimed they used 'typical low-caste surnames' and 'mohammedan names'.

this is bullshit.

1. there are no 'typical low-caste surnames' in the entire south of india.

2. in fact, it is often factual that someone who came in through reservations, such as a mohammedan, may have cut some corners

3. if you sent similar letters in the us, with a very black-sounding name, a mohammedan name, a jewish name, a hindu name, and compared the responses you'd get for a lily-white WASP name, i'd bet the results would be the same: 90% of the mohammedans and hindus, and 75% of the jews and chinese, would be rejected. unless they do that 'control' experiment, no point yammering about india.

these are once again those motivated idiot social scientists (most probably with JNU links in india, and wendy o'doniger links in the US), who are confusing cause and effect. it's not because of casteism that this happens in india. it's because it's normal for people anywhere to be prejudiced. it's no worse than the 'casteism' and prejudice in the US.

On 10/27/07, Dola

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habc said...

Most of the Indian IT companies are hiring 3000-5000 people EVERY QUARTER.

Considering a quarter of 12 weeks, that leads to 12x5 = 60 days.

3000/60 = 50 hired every day
5000/60 = 83.3 hired every day

So EACH company is hiring 50-83 people EVERY SINGLE WORKING DAY. Does anyone seriously believe that anyone in the Indian private sector has any time for this BS?

Sundar Lal Bahuguna said...

Give the dalits gold seats to sit on, with silk mattresses, put garland around their necks, and make all the girls in the world dance around them,and feed them with wine and grapes, then the reserachers will be happy. they want everything not by wagging limbs but by wagging their tongues, but tonguewagging is everyone's pastime, so nothing is going to change for dalits and others