Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tarun Tejpal link with ISI ?

oct 28th, 2007

why ISI? he's clearly a kaaangress plant.

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From: Sujoy

Dear Rajeev,
I'm not an investigative journalist, but there might be some truth here -


Bring your gang together - do your thing. Start your group.


san said...

I think that because the N-Deal is currently in jeopardy, forces on both sides of the ocean are pulling out all the stops to get the Congress Party the extra political space it needs to get the N-Deal rammed through. The BJP is clearly the juiciest target from which to grab more seats.

As you know, I've been on record as supporting in the N-Deal in the past, however I feel it should have been negotiated under the BJP govt, or at least with sizeable BJP participation (aka "Only Nixon Can Go to China")

Too many stunts are being pulled to get this N-Deal through -- including this Tehelka "exposee" -- without ensuring that it's politically viable.

We need more nuclear power development, and international commerce and cooperation are a natural way to get it -- however this cannot be accomplished at the cost of Congress One Party Rule. We don't need the return of Banyan Tree Governance.

Sudarshan said...

This Tejpal guy is too obviously a Kaangressi or its paid agent. His untimely "expose" will only get the Hindus irritated. This irritation may last till polling time.

karyakarta92 said...

The Pakistani propaganda machine is
now using the Tehelka "expose" as a stick to beat India with. That kind of confirms ISI links, but is also consistent with Kaangress tradition. "Chacha" Nehru similarly provided them the Kashmir issue to beat India with for all times to come.