Tuesday, October 30, 2007

another instance of the pot calling the kettle black: from voice of america

oct 30th, 2007

according to a voa report:

"Ms. Merkel put climate change high on her agenda during her visit to India - one of the world's biggest polluters."

and america would be, what now? by a factor of 10x, the world's biggest polluter and gas guzzler and carbon belcher and source of global warming?

this is so typical of the christists! blaming others for their own sins, it is quite entertaining.


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habc said...

West using global warming as weapon against us, says CM

“A stage would come that the west would want to penalise us for our large population for breathing as it exhales large quantity of CO2,” is how Modi made light of the efforts the developed world was making at making India pay for their pollution, adding that in the end it was a society’s cultural mooring that determined its relationship with nature.

“It is here that we as a society score. Yet, global warming is not limited to one region and so we need to become extra cautious in energy consumption,” he said.

any other India politicians have said anything about this subject, what about the babalog?