Monday, October 22, 2007

christists fight over money including this paul who shows in his own private 747 plane

oct 22nd, 2007

not surprising. these loud-mouthed preachers are in it just for the cash.

this paul blighter has been shouting against samuel reddy for some time. so the kaaangress and the ELM have arranged to silence him. i won't be surprised if the brother david bumps off paul one of these days, conveniently, just like pramod mahajan was bumped off by his brother. these people have ways of arranging 'accidents'.

paul is a the usual smarmy christist preacher, but it's good to see him exposing the sins of his fellows.

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karyakarta92 said...

That's some of the infamous christian "philanthropy" on display for you. How on earth do these christists amass such large amounts of cash? Does the Indian dhimmocratic state exempt christists from FERA regulations?
Whereas law abiding citizens face a maze of harassment to make any legitimate financial transaction -idotic things like "Service tax", "Education cess" (to fund Madarsas and christist missionaries). That said, any Abrahamic fratricide among these scoundrels would come as
a breath of fresh air amid the suffocating secularism.