Friday, October 19, 2007

kerala cpim vs christist

oct 18th, 2007

very amusing indeed, the CPI-M attacking the idiotic beliefs of the christists. so if the dying guy had said, 'i confess and accept jesus', all his sins would have been forgiven, even though he had been a lifelong communist?

what nonsense!

glad someone is pointing out that the christist emperor has no clothes.

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From: Sujoy

Dear Rajeev,
I'm a fan of your blogs. Here's an article that might interest you.

Its God's responsibility to forgive the terrorist organizations
It's our responsibility to arrange the meeting between them and god."
- Indian Armed Forces

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Vinod_Sharma said...

The quote,or words to the effect 'It is God's job to forgive terrorists. Our job is to arrange their meeting' was originally of an American General, whose name I do not recall. Now, it is used by many, including our armed forces