Friday, October 26, 2007

christist aggression in bangalore

oct 26th, 2007

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From: Vijay_

Hi Rajeev,
How are you doing. Im a regular reader of your blog. Found something very disturbing videos on youtube about the typical chritist antics in bangalore. Please see how the chritsts claim central (read Sonia) support for their mission.Request you to put this up on your blog


karyakarta92 said...

Looks like the BJP is intent on committing political suicide in Karnataka yet again by allying with the secular party

Given that scenario, their hands will be tied. And the christists will keep doing their demonic work.
To add insult to injury, the christist persecution industry has the temerity to claim that they are oppressed the most in Karnataka! Indian dhimmocracy is
getting excessively suffocating.
If the authorities prevaricate in combating this menace, a Dara Singh will come forward in every village of India to take the law into his own hands.The secular authorities are culpable of a grave dereliction of duty. Lamenting for Staines removed by vigilante youth will be of no avail later.

sands said...

Ya i agree there was kinda wave buliding up with lingyat commnity totally behind BJP this idiot BSY for his selfhish gains might end up harming the party 's interest

Narayan said...

Friends, I differ. Let me state why.
Supposing BJP does not form govt..
1) Kaangress plus a faction of JDS will form govt. They will plunder Karnataka for next 20 months and make sure Jihadi and Missionary activity go unchecked.
2) At the end of 20 months,,,,the Hindu vote will again be squandered away..
3) Supposing Kaangress did not form the govt, the Sonia Governer at Karnataka will make sure the elections are held only after 5-6 months only (now limit on Presidents rule till 6 months).
3) Do you think the backlash against Gowda sons party and pro BJP wave will sustain that long for 6 months........My friends no. It will fitter away. Public memory is short. It dumped C.Naidu. It dumped the Vajpayee govt. just understand 20 percent of Missionary and Muslim vote plus another 10 percent of divided Hindu vote (Included any castes that feel aggrieved + poor votes that can be bought by some sarees, rice, ruppees and liquor + misguided blinded hindus who live in fools paradise) = 30+ per cent..enough to win a seat in India and form govt.

Power to Hindu' parties is utmost and required now. At least there will be some checks.

BJP entering the South India is monumental I mean in Power. Next is Tamil Nadu with partnership with AIADMK.
Look at Vajpayee he did so much inspite of coailition. Yeduirappa can also do..He did excellent 2 budgets and being a CM is much different.
Dear sands,,,do you think Lingayat will be unhappy....u are wrong they will be happy that Y is the CM.

Jai Bhavani, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hind.

GO BJP...this is Kalayuga even if it means having the gowda party as bedfellow. Do it....when the enemy is as bad as Sonia Kaangress and chinese commies and jihadi parties BJP has to be like SHIVAJI maharaj..
I am all for it...........FRENDS CELEBRATE if BJP gets the CM. It is a turnign point in India and Hindu strength from now on.

Ghost Writer said...

"The school of Robert Di Nobili believed that the heart of Hinduism could be reached by perfecting the fraud pioneered by Di Nobili. Of course, they did not use this word for their method. They preferred to call it condescensio, a Latin term coined by the Church Fathers and meaning "stooping down to conquer" They had drawn on the example set by St. Paul."
Old wine in new bottle - or Old water-turned-to-wine perhaps!

This continues from Bede Griffiths' 'pioneering' work!