Saturday, October 20, 2007

Convert Jindal Wins Louisiana Election

The convert Jindal just won the Louisiana election.


Gagan said...

I really don't know what to make of this. Going by Indian politicians' and the Indian media's (specially English) fondness for praising anything and anyone "NRI", I won't be surprised if they start calling him and printing his biography. And for his part, Jindal would start singing like a canary about chasing American dream, and freedom and what not, not to mention thanking "The" god.

I, for one, think that this is a bad news for India and Indians at large for various reasons. But I am waiting for his ass to be on fire when next hurricane hits his state.

sands said...

whats indian abt this jindal guy ehh?? atleast sunitha williams was not hiding her indian connection and what "feat" is it for india ??

Sudarshan said...

The guy is as Indian as Billy Graham. Too bad he was only able to change his religion, not his skin colour. There is no Christian more fanatic than a convert who wants to desperately prove something. Louisiana is a notoriously fundamentalist Christian State. I think the state's religiosity is in direct proportion to its backwardness. The Christian Right has reason to celebrate Jindal's win. Indians shouldn't care less.

samurai said...

did anyone say that jindal will get special powers over the indian people because of his indian origin?
the bunch of people that you guys are,is in dire need of some wise counsel.
it is bordering on rabidity.

Ghost Writer said...

As expected the Dhimmi and crypto-Cristist press is already going to town
or here

The only thing "Indian" about this guy is his last name. Nobody in India will highlight the fact that he wants to teach "intelligent design" in school, or that he has had to give up his religion to get where he is - no - the talk will be all of the 'immigrant' friendly USA.

Coming soon to a town near you - Governor Jindal will rant against religious intolerance in India (read Hindu fundamentalism) and offer America as an alternative. Indian columnists will relay said message to India bu adding that India should adopt the American model of being race neutral when it comes to political office (read - please let Sonia Gandhi become PM).

What a sham this guy is - also that other idiot neo-conservative Romesh Ponnuru - who too has had to accept 'Our Lord' as the only true one into his heart!

san said...

They got their token, that's all they wanted. He believes in 'Intelligent Design' and wants the schools to teach Creationism.

Harish said...

Steven Colbert on God ..

Truly funny and kinda scary!! :-)

venkat said...

It does not appear this guy is interested in anything India right now. Here is more into America and christianity.

But that may change in the future when he is told of the millions of unsaved souls in India and how his power and position can be put to use.

I would like to look at the half full glass.. if he froths with Christian bs... that should alientate more NRI and PSIs

Chatrapath said...

Yawn...I was actually hoping he lost the election. Then it would have been a lesson for him that you can't be judas and expect any special favors.

what a waste. Yes, he'll now use his "special powers" to concentrate his efforts on conversion in India. I wonder if the pedophiles in the vatican will congratulate him? Maybe he'll get invited as a special guest and he'll be asked to "spread the message" (or LIE) in India.

I see more book burnings, revision of history, more co-opting of Vedic philosophy by the christist corporate machine...dark days ahead.

Soniya said...

The celebrations have already begun..In Jindal's ancestral village. What a shame!

karyakarta92 said...

Personally, I would imagine that racial prejudices are too deeply ingrained in the trailer trash who voted for him. I'm confident that rice christians like Bobby Jindal and Dinesh D Souza will hit the glass ceiling sooner or later. Alas, as the son of Hindu immigrant, the pos has potential to indulge in anti-Hindu propaganda from an "insider's perspective".