Tuesday, October 30, 2007

RJD to Supreme Court: Merit is Unfair

And in keeping with the spirit of things, the Rashtriya Janata Dal has filed a petition with Supreme Court, claiming that merit is unfair.

Because you know, if Vishwanath Anand has won the chess championship, it's not because he deserved it, it's because nature unfairly discriminated in his favour, granting him intellect that others didn't get.

You know if Col. Rathore won the Olympic Sharpshooting competition, it's not because he deserved it, it's actually because he was the recipient of prowess that others were unfairly not permitted to be born with.

When one cricket team wins a match over another, it's not because some players were better than others, it's really just that some unfairly got better windfalls than others in the genetic lottery.

As you know, there is no such thing as laziness or ineptitude, there is only the accident of being born without the gifts and privileges that made others more successful than oneself.

Actually, if RJD wins this petition, then I feel I should demand the right to be given leadership of the RJD, since it's not my fault that I was born without the necessary talents to become leader of the RJD. I also demand to be given leadership of the Congress Party, since it's not my fault that I wasn't born into the Nehru-Gandhi family.


Sudarshan said...

Reservations in India are afact of life now. No political party is prepared to end it lest the vote banks suffer. We should go one more step and reserve seats on quota basis in the Indian cricket teams. RJD will be happy when the team comes every time with the wooden cup. Quotas are everything.

nizhal yoddha said...

there is already a quota system in cricket, which is one of the reasons the team sucks so badly.

eg. there is the bombay quota, which ensures that sharad pawar wins votes there.

eg. there is the bengal quota, which is necessary to keep the communists happy.

then there is the ELM quota, which i might call the 'mandira-bedi' factor. in other words, the quota for players supported for unknown reasons by the good-looking idiots on TV/newspapers.

DarkStorm said...

San, good one.

Soon there will be quotas in the private sector too. After that, there will be no point in conducting interviews. Why should you select a candidate who is more capable of doing a job, just because someone else is not so skilled ? Merit is a sham, yeah !!

karyakarta92 said...

Yeah, And I demand a quota at the United Nations and every global decision making body. India should get a seat in each one of these fora - NOT because it is the world's largest dhimmocracy, dynamic economy, military power etc (Merit), but rather as the result of a quota for backward nations. Lallu Yadav famously demanded the Home or Defense portfolio, but got Railways instead. He should now demand the External Affairs ministry to implement Mandal commission report internationally. India can then remain a "third world" dhimmocracy in perpetuity - as long as the dhimmi netas get invited to the U.N etc under the quota. And once they land up there, Shikhandi Manmohan et al can demand implementation of the Rajinder Sacchar report, i.e quota for Muslim countries with no "creamy layer", i.e quota eligibility even for oil rich Muslim countries. Next demand would be implementation of the Ranganath Mishra report, i.e. quota eligibility for all "Dalit" (third world) countries converted to the imperialistic death cult ..

karyakarta92 said...

Something tangentially related to the discussion on Merit and affirmative action. Here's Pat Buchanan
defending the loony DNA scientist who postulated that Africans are genetically programmed to be inferior. Despite being associated with the christist Yankee right, Pat Buchanan usually says sensible things a lot of the time. Frankly, I'm surprised at this defense...