Sunday, October 28, 2007

shashi tharoor: Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal? -- Sashi Tharoor

oct 28th, 2007

no reason to. the guy is what all converts are: turncoats. and this one did it deliberately to get ahead -- true rice christist. and he fooled plenty stupid 'secular' hindus. he's an uncle tom, and he's doing very well with it.

i am actually a little surprised that tharoor is saying this. it will piss off a lot of his 'secular' friends.

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Should we be proud of Bobby Jindal?
28 Oct 2007, 0000 hrs IST

The election of Bobby Jindal as governor of the US state of Louisiana has been greeted exultantly by Indians and Indian-Americans around the world. There's no question that this is an extraordinary accomplishment: a young Indian-American, just 36 years old, not merely winning an election but doing so on the first ballot by receiving more votes than his 11 rivals combined, and that too in a state not noticeably friendly to minorities. Bobby Jindal will now be the first Indian-American governor in US history, and the youngest currently serving chief executive of an American state. These are distinctions of which he can legitimately be proud, and it is not surprising that Indians too feel a vicarious sense of shared pride in his remarkable ascent.

But is our pride misplaced? Who is Bobby Jindal and what does he really stand for?

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karyakarta92 said...

I am actually a little surprised that tharoor is saying this. it will piss off a lot of his
'secular' friends......"

Actually, that characterises the conundrum of those "secular" Indian dhimmis who've immigrated to the US. Their hatred for anything Hindu is too well known and they do exhibit that by supporting hateful organisations like ASHA, FOIL, FOSA etc. But, since the Hindoo enemy does not dominate America like in India (the latter, according to their perspective) - the foundations of their secular progressiveness is undermined! The dilemma before them is 1)should they ally with their American liberal counterparts, the "secular progressive" Democrats? Or 2) should they ally with the christian right fringe among the Republicans?

Actually, the "secular" conundrum is not much of an issue from an outsider Hindu nationalist perspective. All shades of the American political spectrum afford wonderful opportunities for Hindoo bashing. The scoundrel Dinesh D Souza is a perfect example of this.
Being a christist, it was easy to ingratiate himself with the Republican christian right. But, even among them - he is advancing the pernicious Indian christist thesis of negating Islamic terrorism (to the aversion of the folks at JihadWatch, for example), i.e he is trying in America what the John Dayals and Valson Thampus have achieved in India - i.e. Mohammedan + Christist synergy to
target Hindoos. Bobby Jindal is a pretty transparent Rice christist, but it is not clear what Dinesh D Souza's goals are.

habc said...

Since we are discussing Shashi Tharoor did anyone see this

Let's promote the great Indic civilisation

"You Indians have allowed yourself to forget that there is such a thing as Indic civilisation. And we are its last outpost."

The words were spoken to me 25 years ago by the Khmer nationalist politician and one-time prime minister Son Sann, lamenting India’s support for Vietnam in its conquest of Cambodia in 1979. To Son Sann, a venerable figure already in his late 70s, Cambodia was an Indic civilisation being overrun by the forces of a Sinic state, and he was bewildered that India, the fount of his country’s heritage, should sympathise with a people as distinctly un-Indian as the Vietnamese. Given that Vietnam’s invasion had put an end to the blood-soaked terror of the rule of the Khmer Rouge, i was more inclined to see the choice politically than in terms of civilisational heritage. But Son Sann’s words stayed with me.