Friday, October 19, 2007

another nobel winner shows he's thick

oct 19th, 2007

there was an earlier winner, william shockley, of transistor fame, who humiliated himself with his views on the superiority of whites.

now here comes watson of DNA fame.

clearly amartya sen falls into this category of idiot nobel prize winners who should keep their mouths shut on subjects outside their immediate areas.

although come to think of it, watson does deal with genetics and so strictly speaking race is not outside the purview of his area.

but history is clearly outside the purview of amartya sen, whose economics has also been shown to be suspect. his famed 'kerala model' is rank nonsense.


Chatrapath said...

I think blacks should really show whites their true intelligence and convert to Hinduism. I see many more Blacks taking an interst in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Once blacks shed the racist christist cult, they will prosper and whites will actually respect them. All Black christists are called "nigger" behind their back.

If they have even a shred of dignity, they should chuck christism and start reciting mantram.

Sage said...
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Sage said...
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Sudarshan said...

Just a century or so ago Rudyard Kipling and others of his ilk used to say the same thing about Indians. Now Indians are making good and Kipling's books will end up in the recycle bins.