Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Netherlands: discovery of a new India

oct 31st, 2007

like the germans, the dutch are 'discovering' india. white people are quick to suck up to those with money, just as they became very chummy with those disgusting arabs and chinese as soon as they started making money. it has something to do with the total spiritual vacuum they live in -- they just salivate after wealth. mammon is their real god, not yhwh.

actually this is discovery 2.0 by the dutch.

the dutch came to india as christist imperialists along with all the other white scumbags. they were roundly thrashed by marthanda varma at the battle of colachel in 1741 CE and decided to move on to indonesia.

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The Netherlands: discovery of a new India
Vidya Subrahmaniam
Source: The Hindu, Oct 22, 2007.

India is shining in the Netherlands which covets its market and
workforce. But Dutch society is in ferment over immigration, which begs
the question: How long before the Indian workforce faces the integration

At the office of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers
located in The Hague, Mechteld J.A. Oomen, deputy director,
international economic affairs, gushed about India. The CNI&E was
the last of a rush of back-to-back appointments drawn up for the
visiting Indian press group, and by now the lines were beginning to
sound rehearsed: "We are proud of our 2.5 per cent economic growth. But
you! You have achieved nine per cent. Really, really impressive."

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