Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chattisgarh governor attempting to block anti-conversion law

See how the global christist persecution industry monitors this development:

Chattisgarh, the home of the Kaangress thug Ajit Jogi has a long tradition of christist evangelism. There is a place called Joshpur, where missionaries used to go around on horseback whipping the heathen Hindus, right upto the late 1960's. Dilip Singh Judeo, a leading light of the Shuddhi movement was set up in a sting operation by Ajit Jogi's son.

The governor is just fulfilling his role as Sonia's rubber stamp.


TallIndian said...

What's happened to this blog?

According to the article, someone has to inform a District Magistrate 30 days prior to changing their religion.

What kind of law is that?

TallIndian said...

Threatening someone with violence should already be a crime.

How can official records in India be changed so quickly?

There used to be at least a veener of common sense on this blog. Even that veneer seems to have been erased.