Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hindus missing the wood for the trees

Dr.Gautam Sen on the real holocaust that everyone, including the
"Hindu nationalist" BJP fails to recognise.
The nuclear "deal", the RamSetu demolition, the negationist affidavit, the Bangladeshi demographic invasion, Christist proselytisation, Naxalite anarchy, reservations for Mohammedans & Christists, Sharia law in Kashmir .... all these
are not isolated incidents, rather comprise links in a common thread of destruction of Hindu civilization by it's enemies.

Of course, dhimmi practitioners of Christo-yoga may have their heads buried too deep
in unnatural positions to pay attention, but failure to take cognizance of the gradual extermination of Hindu civilization on it's own soil constitutes suicidal negationism.

Is it any surprise then that Shikhandi Manmohan Singh has been emboldened enough to
pronounce the post Godhra riots a "holocaust"? .

The anatomically deficient MMS is never known to speak audibly or legibly; his
prime minister ship is an anomalous accident of history. Yet, he makes bold to label Hindu reaction to Islamic terrorism a "holocaust".This after absolving the genocidal British of all wrongdoing in India and certifying at Oxford that their holocaust in India had "beneficial effects" for the natives.

MMS contradicts every single ideal that the valorous Sikh Gurus stood for.
Rather, he is adhering to the tradition of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's minor son who was
whisked away to England, placed in the care of a Christist foster home and baptized.

I have not seen a single statement by anybody condemning MMS for giving credence to this perverted "holocaust" mythology. Despite his Shikhandi image, MMS is a very devious character - a career bureaucrat and a career Nehruvian Stalinist.
Actually, he is doubly dangerous because he is under-estimated by virtue of Shikhandihood.
The Gujarat "holocaust" myth should not go unchallenged by the right.


Harish said...

I have always found that Godwin's law holds any such discussion..

This is Godwin's law

Abhi said...

I believe this comment from MMS came in response to question that Advani said he was the weakest PM.

However, MMS response proves that he is the weakest, since despite claiming that BJP/Advani/Modi were involved in the so called "Holocaust" ... he hasn't been able to done anything to them. What kind of strong PM would take that.

I think Advani should now dare MMS to bring 356 in Gujarat.

ramesh said...

U are right he is doubly dangerous bcoz of his “meek, goody goody” image. I hate to say this but Sikhism is more of a Semitic cult then a Hindu sect, which is what it was originally meant to be. Consequently it’s foolish to expect mainstream Sikhs to have any real sense of affinity with India’s Hindu identity (Khushwant Singh and MMS are classic examples). The main sikh political party (Akalis) as well as the sikh clergy are more obsessed with proclaiming their distinct (& fictitious) identity from Hinduism rather than waking up to the danger posed by Islam & Christianity to Hinduism and the Sikh sect by extension.
Bcoz as far as Christians and muslims are concerned, Sikhs are very much a part of Hindu society. (Muslims have always persecuted Sikhs, and there has been an alarming rise in missionary activity in Indian Punjab of late.)

habc said...

Modi was invited to speak on "Regional Pride and National Integration", followed by Q&A.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -

Notice how the "Morally pure" left has absolutely no restraints on what they say and do

Modi was born in a gutter, says Congress leader

“How can he say anything against Sonia Gandhi? People know Modi was born in a gutter. He doesn’t even know his father’s name,” said AICC general secretary B K Hari Prasad, who is in charge of Gujarat.

I guess this is what passes for Kaangress Party ideology. I thought Naani Yaad Kara Denge was quite low, but with every generation they go further below. I wonder when they will start saying MC and BC in public meetings and on National TV - maybe Rahool Ji will start this new trend to show how well he has integrated.

Harish said...

Thanks for the links habc..