Tuesday, October 09, 2007

why even america is not a christist nation

oct 8th, 2007

one of the idiocies often proclaimed by indian christists is: why are you hindus in america, a christist country?

the answer is: you are wrong, idiot. america is *not* a christist country, it is a secular country.

in fact some of the founders of the us and its declaration of independence/constitution writers, such as thomas jefferson and james madison (in the federalist papers), were downright contemptuous of christism, seeing it, rightly, as a dangerous imperialist cult. one of these guys said, i forget who, that when he tore out all the offensive pages from the bible, he found there was nothing left between the covers.



Shahryar said...

Jefferson famously edited the New Testament, which he felt was full of religious dogma and other supernatural elements, in an attempt to present a rational version of Christ's biography.

Today we know from modern (19th century CE onwards) historical research that there was no historical Jesus Christ and that all of the stories are inventions of the founding fathers of the Christian Church.

AA said...

I recently learned that the American census bureau does not collect information/ data on religion as part of its secular policies. Can any readers of this blog direct me to more information on these lines? I think it will make an interesting case study vis-a-vis India.