Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Embattled but still revered: Nepal lines up before King

Since the political parties in Nepal are clamouring for dhimmocracy, why not take that to it's logical conclusion and seek union with India, the world's largest dhimmocracy. After all, there is strength in numbers and a congruence of mutual interests of the Hindu right in both countries.
Their cousins, the Sikkimese are doing quite well within the Indian Union.

The Maovadis may abhor the idea - but actually have a commonality of interests
with the Indian Maovadis like Yechury and the Karats. The "success" of Indian communists in West Bengal and Kerala should offer them a model worthy of emulation.


witan said...

The situation in Nepal seems to be dangerous. Mohammedists in Nepal are already planning to destroy Nepal. They are probably being helped by the Indian press.

See the following:
Nepal fails the ‘secular’ test on Id
The Hindustan Times dated Sunday, 14 October, 2007.
...As Sunday is a working day in Nepal, all government offices, banks, schools and colleges remained open on the day of Id-ul-Fitr, even though nearly 10 per cent of Nepal’s populace is Muslims.
“In fact, Muslims have always been deprived of their rights in Nepal, which was the world’s only Hindu Nation. The entire Muslim population was highly optimistic after Nepal transformed itself as a “secular nation” in June 2006....

habc said...

They wanted to join India in 1950 but Nehru refused - I think this can be counted as a positive achievement of Nehru