Friday, October 19, 2007

how convert bobby jindal has prospered mightily

oct 18th, 2007

clearly no dummy, jindal figured out early on that to thrive in white america, he had to drop either his race or his religion. the first being difficult, he has prospered as a 'born-again' jerk.

the very model of the Rice Christist at work.

this is what is being offered in india too. if you want to graduate from your nursing school, you have to become a rice christist. if you want any job in andhra pradesh, samuel reddy will force you to be a rice christist.

also, the jindal blighter is phenomenally lucky: if he had won the last time and become governor, *he* would have presided over the katrina disaster, and them good ol' boys would have attributed it to his being an indian and a 'hindoo'. so i guess it's a good thing for him (and for indians) that he lost then.

but don't expect any help for india from jindal -- he'll turn in the 'ah'm a native cajun' response. and of course, the darn hindoos can expect total hostility from bobby 'rice' jindal,


karyakarta92 said...

Bobby Jindal and Dinesh D'Souza are the rising stars of the lunatic christist fringe in America today. Is this Dinesh D Souza character a convert himself or just a descendant of those who were converted under duress or for a bag or rice? Also, is this Dinesh D Souza related in any way to Dilip D Souza, that nasty christist activist hack from Mumbai? The former two are given to excessive christist bigotry - looks like they're out to prove a point - that as Rice christians, they too have a right to advance in the hierarchy of yesu ministering. The changing demographics of the christist right in America reflects their new focus for proselytisation - India.

san said...

Actually, these days the headstrong Dinesh D'Souza is damaging the ties he's cultivated with the Christian Right, by hurling himself into a stubborn defense of Islamic fundamentalism as being an ally against Leftism. Funny, that's what people originally thought Bin Laden would be, too. What an idiot. I guess he's more Rice than Christian.

name1 said...

Here's s thought for Bobby Jindal. Holger Kersten's book "Jesus Lived in India" and Shawn Haigins book "The Rozabal Line" say that Jesus spent his lost years in India and that much of his wisdom was derived from Buddhism and Hinduism. So Jesus found it necessary to go to India for spiritual wisdom, and Bobby Jindal needed to leave his Indian/Hindu roots to "discover" Jesus? I find that a little hard to believe!

Gautam said...

Jindal converted from a superior religion (Hinduism) to an inferior religion (Christianity) without trying to understand the 100’s of deep holy books in Hinduism. christianity (christism) has only only one book and it is so superficial. He should understand christ for who christ was - a very ordinary person who became an accidental religious martyr. And convert back to Hinduism.