Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ratzy includes a Rice Christian among 24 new cardinals

The fellow is Cardinal Ivan Dias, former "Archbishop of Mumbai" had been previously appointed Prefect of the Congregation of the Evangelisation of the Peoples

This holds ominous portents for India, in relation to christist evangelism in particular, although as a "Rice Christian", this fellow can never aspire to anything higher in the christist hierarchy. Because Christism is simply an imperialistic death cult, however, no christist from Kerala or Tamil Nadu can ever hope to become a Pope, except in their wildest wet dreams - although they comprise probably the most fanatic group of christist bigots anywhere on the planet.

The Indian christists like Cedric Prakash will continue singing for their supper though, providing all kinds of moral and strategic support to the Islamic jihad against India. And the white christists will throw them a bone occasionally.

India ought to protest this blatantly hostile act. See how the Chinese zealously guard against any perceived slight

If visiting India - a low life scum like this ought to be detained on arrival at the port of entry for engaging in seditious activities that threaten national intergrity.

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Chatrapath said...

I guess the cardinals were able to arrange a meeting in between their oral sex sessions with boys. The catholic church is in DEEP financial trouble. Even catholics I know cannot afford to send their kids to catholic school. Before, the corporation called vatican disbursed its earnings from all its illegal activities (drugs, porn, gambling, theft) to ALL parishes in the US so catholics only had to pay 50 cents on the dollar for tuition. well, now that money is no longer there :)

Believe me, they are desperate for cash. That's why they installed sonia maino to take over all Hindu Temples, esp. Tirupathi. They need the loot to keep their coffers full.